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  • Full Range Of 12.5T E-Commercial Truck

    Full Range Of 12.5T E-Commercial Truck

    Humanized operation control

    The operation control is equipped with a central control screen and a wireless remote control respectively. The central control screen in the cab can control all operation operations , and monitor the proximity switch and sensor signal status; display the bodywork fault code; monitor and display the bodywork motor and electronic control parameters, etc. ;

    Advanced control technology

    According to the specific operating conditions of the truck, the motor performance parameters are accurately configured. Different actions set the appropriate motor speed according to the operating needs. The throttle valve is eliminated, which avoids power loss and system heating. It has low energy consumption, low noise, and is economical.

    Information technology

    Configure a variety of sensors, collect various information based on the sensors, and build a large database. It can predict the fault point and use the monitoring platform to quickly judge and handle the fault after it occurs. The operating status of the vehicle can be accurately analyzed based on big data information.