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Chengdu Yiwei New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.



  • 2.7T Pure Electric Chassis

    2.7T Pure Electric Chassis

    • Equipped with an integrated electric drive axle, which reduces the curb weight of the chassis and saves layout space that can be refitted for special bodywork support

    • Large speed ratio rear axle with high-speed motor to ensure excellent vehicle dynamic performance

    • The lightweight design makes the curb weight of the second-class chassis 1210/1255kg , and the maximum total weight is 2695kg , meeting the sanitation garbage removal vehicle modification needs

    • Equipped with a 46.4kWh large-capacity power battery to meet the mileage requirements of various sanitation vehicles

    • Intelligent safety : reversing radar , low-speed alarm , ABS+EBD , front disc and rear drum , EPS electronic power steering , rear parking Car radar