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Chengdu Yiwei New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.


Wireless Remote Control

  • IP65 Wireless Remote Control with Long Distance

    IP65 Wireless Remote Control with Long Distance

    The working system is equipped with an advanced remote controller, enabling convenient and efficient operational control with excellent responsiveness.

    We believe that combining our working system with the Yiwei pure electric sanitation vehicle would be an ideal combination. We are confident that this combination will provide the following advantages for your sanitation vehicles:

    1. Efficient operations: Our working system provides robust power support, allowing the sanitation vehicle to efficiently carry out various tasks such as garbage collection and road sweeping. With the remote controller, operators can control the vehicle from a distance, thereby improving operational efficiency.
    2. Flexibility and convenience: Remote control operation allows the sanitation vehicle to easily access tight spaces such as narrow streets and busy urban areas. This flexibility and convenience make operations more convenient and adaptable to different working environments.
    3. Intelligent management: Our working system can be integrated with Yiwei’s intelligent management system for pure electric sanitation vehicles, enabling monitoring and management of vehicle status, operational data, and more. This integration will contribute to overall operational efficiency and management effectiveness.