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Chengdu Yiwei New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.



  • 4.5T Pure Electric Chassis

    4.5T Pure Electric Chassis

    • Equipped with a high-power high-speed motor + gearbox system, which ensures the power performance of the vehicle and saves layout space, and provides load capability and layout space support for special bodywork modification 2800mm golden wheelbase, which meets the layout requirements of various small trucks for sanitation ( self-loading garbage truck, road maintenance vehicles, detachable garbage trucks, sewage suction trucks, etc. )
    • The lightweight design: the curb weight of the second-class chassis is 1830kg , and the maximum total mass is 4495kg , meeting the requirements of 4.5 cubic meters requirements for refitting of ship-type garbage transportation , EKG value < 0.29 ;
    • Equipped with a 61.8kWh large-capacity power battery to meet the long-term operation requirements of various special operation vehicles Equipped with a 15Kw high-power working system power-taking interface to meet the electrification needs of various special-purpose vehicles