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Chengdu Yiwei New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.



  • 3.5T Pure Electric Chassis

    3.5T Pure Electric Chassis

    • The modification space is large, and the chassis is equipped with an integrated electric drive axle , which reduces the curb weight of the chassis , saves the layout space , and provides load capacity and layout space support for the bodywork modification

    • Integration of high-voltage system : While satisfying the requirement of light weight , EMC (electromagnetic compatibility ) design is taken into consideration at the design source. The integrated design also reduces the connection points of the high-voltage wiring harness of the vehicle, and the reliability of the high-voltage protection of the vehicle is higher

    • Short charging time : support high-power DC fast charging , which can meet SOC20% recharge to 90 % in 40 minutes

    • The product has passed the EU export certification