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How to Protect Your Pure Electric Sanitation Vehicles in Winter Use?-2

04 Charging in Rainy, Snowy, or Wet Weather

1. When charging in rainy, snowy, or wet weather, pay close attention to whether the charging equipment and cables are wet. Ensure that the charging equipment and cables are dry and free of water stains. If the charging equipment becomes wet, it is strictly prohibited to continue using it. Dry the equipment and contact the manufacturer’s after-sales personnel for evaluation. If the charging socket or charging gun is wet, dry and clean the equipment before confirming it is completely dry before resuming use.

Precautions for using pure electric sanitation vehicles in winter2
2. It is recommended to install a rain shelter at the charging station to protect the charging equipment and vehicle charging socket from water during the charging process.
3. If it starts raining (snowing) during the charging process, immediately check for the risk of water entering the charging equipment and the connection between the charging socket and charging gun. If there is a risk, stop charging immediately, power off the charging equipment, unplug the charging gun, and take measures to protect the charging socket and charging gun.

05 Activating the Heating System

In pure electric vehicles, the air conditioning compressor and PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) electric heater are directly powered by the main vehicle power supply. Before activating the air conditioning, the vehicle power supply must be turned on; otherwise, the cooling and heating system will not work.

Precautions for using pure electric sanitation vehicles in winter3

When activating the heating system:

1. The fan should not produce any abnormal noise. If the vehicle has an internal and external air circulation system, there should be no obstruction or abnormal noise when switching between circulation modes.
2. Within 3 minutes of activating the heating function, warm air should be emitted, with no unusual odor. The instrument panel should display current flow, and there should be no warning faults.
3. The air intake for the heating vents should be unobstructed, and there should be no peculiar smells.

06 Checking the Antifreeze

1. When the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, regularly check the concentration of antifreeze in the vehicle’s cooling system. The antifreeze should be in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent freezing and damage to the cooling system.
2. Check for any leaks in the cooling system, such as coolant dripping onto the ground or low coolant levels. If any leaks are found, have them repaired promptly to prevent damage to the vehicle.

Precautions for using pure electric sanitation vehicles in winter4 Precautions for using pure electric sanitation vehicles in winter5

07 Preparing an Emergency Kit

It is important to be prepared for unexpected situations while driving in winter conditions. Prepare an emergency kit that includes the following items:

1. Warm clothing, blankets, and gloves to stay warm in case of a breakdown or prolonged wait.
2. A flashlight with extra batteries.
3. A snow shovel and ice scraper to clear the vehicle and roads if necessary.
4. Jumper cables to jump-start the vehicle if the battery dies.
5. A small bag of sand, salt, or cat litter to provide traction if the vehicle gets stuck.
6. A first aid kit with essential medical supplies.
7. Non-perishable food and water in case of a long wait or emergency situation.
8. Reflective triangles or flares to increase visibility if the vehicle is stopped on the side of the road.

Precautions for using pure electric sanitation vehicles in winter6

Remember to regularly check the items in the emergency kit and replace any expired or used items.


Taking precautions during winter use of pure electric sanitation vehicles is essential to ensure their safe and efficient operation. Maintaining the power battery, driving cautiously in challenging conditions, charging with care, activating the heating system properly, checking the antifreeze, and preparing an emergency kit are all important steps to take. By following these precautions, you can enhance the performance and reliability of pure electric sanitation vehicles in winter.


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