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Chengdu Yiwei New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.


A Profile in Achievement: Pioneering the Production of Specialized Chassis for New Energy Vehicles Shines the Spotlight on the “YIWEI AUTO” Brand

Jin Zheng – an employee at YIWEI AUTO’s Hubei New Energy Manufacturing Center – joined the company in March 2023 and was awarded the Rookie of the Year that same year. In 2023, YIWEI AUTO’s new energy vehicles established the first domestic production line for specialized chassis in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, known as China’s capital for specialized vehicles. Jin Zheng was among the first employees to join the production line after its completion. With nearly 7 years of experience in automotive chassis manufacturing, he possesses extensive professional knowledge and practical expertise.

Pioneers in the production of new energy special chassis

01 Team Collaboration Skills

As a crucial component of automobiles, chassis assembly involves the intricate integration and calibration of multiple complex parts. Chassis production requires proficiency in various stages, including component inspection, chassis assembly, harness connection, assembly line guidance, and cooperative debugging. During the production process, Jin Zheng not only strictly adheres to operational standards and safety protocols but also actively nurtures new employees and collaborates with team members to collectively resolve work-related issues. During the busy production and delivery phase at the end of last year, he collaborated with the team to successfully achieve the production targets.

Pioneers in the production of new energy special chassis2 Pioneers in the production of new energy special chassis1

02 Innovative Exploratory Abilities

In terms of technological innovation, Jin Zheng fearlessly explores new methods and technologies, contributing to the production and manufacturing of YIWEI AUTO’s independently developed new energy specialized vehicle chassis. He continuously explores avenues to enhance product quality and production efficiency, accumulating a wealth of experiential achievements through continuous learning and practice.

Pioneers in the production of new energy special chassis5 Pioneers in the production of new energy special chassis4

Embracing the role of a pioneer, Jin Zheng embodies the true spirit of craftsmanship through his actions. He injects new vitality into the “YIWEI AUTO Manufacturing” brand. In the future, YIWEI AUTO will further deepen the research and development of self-developed chassis technology, continuously introduce more innovative products, and continue to uphold a customer-centric service philosophy, providing professional, efficient, and personalized chassis solutions for more enterprises.

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Post time: Mar-25-2024