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Chengdu Yiwei New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.


EM80 MOTOR specifications

Short Description:

EM80, a high-voltage motor that paves the way for sustainable and efficient electric vehicle applications. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern transportation, the EM80 has become our flagship motor, driving various urban sanitation vehicles, including 9-ton garbage compactors, food waste trucks, and water sprinklers, which have been developed in-house.

In addition to sanitation vehicles, the versatility of the EM80 extends to various other applications. It finds its place in a wide range of engineering machinery, where its high power density and durability ensure optimal performance in demanding work environments. Furthermore, the EM80 has also proven its worth in electric boats, propelling them with quiet and emission-free propulsion systems.


We have two own factories in Chinawe are a high-tech enterprise from China, focusing on electric chassis development, vehicle control, electric motor, motor controller, battery pack, and intelligent network information technology of EV. we have the key tech of converting the disel vehicle to the electric one, welcome contact me :Alyson LeeEmail: liyan@1vtruck.com


Any inquiries we are happy to reply, pls send your questions and orders.

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  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    This table only shows part of motor parameters, please contact us for details!


    Battery Voltage (VDC)


    Rated Power(kW)


    Peak Power(kW)


    Rated Speed(rpm)


    Peak Speed(rpm)


    Rated Torque(Nm)


    Peak Torque(Nm)


    product description01

    Excellent performance and efficiency

    product description02



    Upgrade your fuel vehicle to electric!

    More energy density and compact

    Highly corrosion resistance and good sealed performance

    Lifetime maintenance free

    5 years warranty brings you a peace of mind


    7 X 24Hours

    EV driving on the road

    Working environment

    Why choose YIWEI ?

    Offer exceptional performance and value for your utility vehicle, boat, and more!

    Maintenance free

    No daily maintenance work and costs.

    No Gear oil replacement.

    Take charge of after-sales battery issues.


    Cost effective

    Withstand the rigors of long driving days and extended use.

    Proven performance, less wear & tear and less damage.


    Supply mounting brackets and connectors for them all.

    Convenient. Easy to assemble and use.

    Designed to suit your car and save more space.


    Efficient and powerful

    Less heat energy loss.

    Higher power with less effort.

    Stable and long-lasting

    5 years warranty takes you into peace of mind.

    Longer lasting and longer range.

    Robust and stable. Withstand a wide range of temperatures.


    Safe and reliable

    Feedback on potential failures and accidents to protect driver safety.

    Self-developed big data and information platform manages 12,000 EVs to monitor fault information.

    Much safer with multiple built-in protections.

    A good electrification solution for special vehicle manufactures


    Which motor is compatible for your vehicles?

    We have developed 60-3000N.m, 300-600V systems for your vehicles, the right one can deliver you a substantially better performance. They differ in voltage, power, torque and so on. Asking about the specifications is critical for you.

    YIWEI, Your Trusted Partner


    Technological Strength

    By virtue of powering the industry’s transition to electric alternatives, we keep our resolve to make progress in electrification systems to provide you more competitive and integrated solutions.


    If the available models don’t fit your requirements, we provide custom-tailor service to different vehicles and applied situations.

    Considerate After-Sales Service

    No matter which country you are in, we can optimize the control program remotely, or we can send engineers to your country to solve the problems encountered in person, so that you can avoid worry. Therefore, YIWEI is able to offer more efficient and thoughtful after-sales service.

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