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Chengdu Yiwei New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.


Full Range Of 9T E-Commercial Truck

Short Description:

Humanized operation control

The operation control is equipped with a central control screen and a wireless remote control respectively. The central control screen in the cab can control all operation operations , and monitor the proximity switch and sensor signal status; display the bodywork fault code; monitor and display the bodywork motor and electronic control parameters, etc. ;

Advanced control technology

According to the specific operating conditions of the kitchen garbage truck, the motor performance parameters are accurately configured. Different actions set the appropriate motor speed according to the operating needs. The throttle valve is eliminated, which avoids power loss and system heating. It has low energy consumption, low noise, and is economical.

Information technology

Configure a variety of sensors, collect various information based on the sensors, and build a large database. It can predict the fault point and use the monitoring platform to quickly judge and handle the fault after it occurs. The operating status of the vehicle can be accurately analyzed based on big data information.

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    9T Pure Electric Kitchen Garbage Truck

    (1) The product is a high-end intelligent kitchen garbage truck, the product is Dongfeng Motor type II truck electric chassis modification, it is refitted by adding garbage bin, pushing shovel, feeding mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.

    (2)The whole vehicle is totally enclosed, which adopts the technology of electric-hydraulic integration. With the help of the automatic control system of machine, electricity and liquid, garbage collection and unloading can be realized by special devices such as garbage bin, feeding mechanism and shoveling.




    9T Hydrogen Fuel Multi-function Dust Suppression Truck


    (1)Hydrogen fuel multi-function dust suppression vehicle is a new generation of environmental sanitation product developed by our company. It adopts the fuel cell chassis of the Dongfeng Motor Type II truck and is retrofitted with zero emission. The product is used for air dust suppression in urban main roads, highways, squares, etc.

    (2)It can reduce air pollution by spraying dust generated in demolition blasting of buildings, civil construction, open-pit mines, etc. , can also be used for road maintenance, washing the road, keep the road wet, reduce dust operations, can also be used for green belt watering plants and trees, can also be used as an emergency fire engine.

    9T Pure Electric Sprinkler

    (1) This electric sprinkler is a new generation environmental product developed by our company. It is modified from the electric chassis of a Dongfeng Motor Type II truck with zero emission.

    (2) For the maintenance of urban main roads, highways, squares and other sites, washing the road surface, keep the road wet, reduce the dust of the special vehicles, can also be used for green belt watering trees; It can also be used as an emergency fire engine.

    9T Hydrogen Fuel Guardrail Cleaning Truck

    (1) The product is a high-end intelligent fence cleaning vehicle, using Dongfeng Motor Type II truck re-fuel chassis modification, as the city barrier cleaning operations of special vehicles;

    (2)Use Guide wheel floating brush editor, width, narrow, high, low can be adjusted with the fence, ensure the distance between the car and the fence, to prevent the fence pull down, pull off, adopt"Double-side, two-flush, two-wash" cleaning process cleanliness of more than 98% .

    9T Pure Electric Suction Truck

    (1) The product is a high-end intelligent sewage suction vehicle, the product is Dongfeng Motor Type II truck electric chassis modified for the collection, transfer cleaning transport sewage, sludge, liquid pollutants, it can be widely used in large, medium and small towns, such as sanitation, municipal administration, agriculture, chemical industry, factories, mining enterprises, property districts and so on.

    18T Compressed Garbage Truck

    (1) High-end intelligent rear-loading compressed garbage truck involved the feeding mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical system. The whole vehicle is fully enclosed, adopting electro-hydraulic integration technology, all the sewage in the compression process enters the sewage compartment, which solves the problem of secondary pollution in the process of garbage transportation.
    Configure rich sensors, collect various information according to the sensors to predict the point of failure, and can use the monitoring platform to quickly judge and deal with the failure.

    YIWEI, Your Trusted Partner


    Technological Strength

    By virtue of powering the industry’s transition to electric alternatives, we keep our resolve to make progress in electrification systems to provide you more competitive and integrated solutions.


    If the available models don’t fit your requirements, we provide custom-tailor service to different vehicles and applied situations.

    Considerate After-Sales Service

    No matter which country you are in, we can optimize the control program remotely, or we can send engineers to your country to solve the problems encountered in person, so that you can avoid worry. Therefore, YIWEI is able to offer more efficient and thoughtful after-sales service.

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